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Sanify your House
in the canton of Lucerne

Damp walls and a musty smell in the cellar indicate a problem.

Our strength is a thorough analysis of the affected object. Thereby we guarantee a sustainable renovation without causing unnecessary work and costs.


Our inspection consists of:
  • Surface measurements
  • Visual assessments
  • Discussions with residents about the problem
  • In certain cases a material check in the laboratory (masonry diagnostic examination)

So we can understand how the situation is from the object. We clarify with the owner whether the purpose of the rooms should remain, because e.g. a living room, archive or hobby room have different requirements.


The result of the analysis is a precise evaluation report with a renovation concept that is tailored to your property.


Afterwards, the renovation itself no longer poses any problems.



We support you with applications for federal an cantonal subsidies

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